About Us

We are the manufacturer of UNICUT brand devices and one of the world’s few fabric cutting machinery manufacturers.

We are also the Polish distributor of the Optitex software, able to present dedicated solutions to every customer.

Base on 25 years of our experience we offer You solutions that automate, facilitate and improve the cost-efficiency of the subsequent stages for production of textile and upholstery products.

Our solutions include a range of software and hardware elements – the OptiTex manufacture preparation software, devices: plotters and digitizers, UNICUT machines for cutting fabrics – that complement each other, forming an integrated system.

The broad history of installations makes us experts in the field of preparation of production and fabric cutting, and we are eager to share our knowledge with our customers. Over 400 companies in Poland uses our experience.

We are distributors of OptiTex software, that thanks to years of market presence and regular updates became the necessary link in the high-tech equipped production facility.

The UNICUT cutters sold by us are designed and made in Poland. Sharp, unique cut, durability and stable construction secure quality during cutting of even the most demanding, stretching, melting and synthetic fabrics.

Allcomp Polska develops custom-made machinery on order. Our designers are ready to face every, even the most demanding problem in the field of textile cutting. That is how unique solutions are developed, giving our customers the competitive advantage in their markets.

We are extremely flexible. This makes us constantly available for your requests. We offer full technical and technology support with use of remote access and also servicing in customer’s premises. This allows us to react swiftly to the problems encountered.

Our team is not selling at all cost. We do not participate in projects if we are not convinced that they will not be profitable for our customers.

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