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With passion and commitment, we develop and act on modern solutions in the industry. Allcomp is not just a name – it is a symbol of quality, innovation and excellence in cutting technology.


Our headquarters are located in Katowice, Poland, from where we proudly represent our country internationally. We specialize in the production of advanced Prime technologies for processing and cutting textile materials, and cutting room equipment. In addition, we are the official distributor of Optitex software, which has become an indispensable link in modern production facilities thanks to its long-standing presence on the market.


Allcomp is recognized and valued in many countries around the world – our solutions are already used by more than 500 companies.

Behind us, we have 25 years of experience, during which we have continuously improved our solutions to meet the demands of the dynamically changing market. Our proposals include not only hardware, but also advanced software and implementation and service support. All of this creates an integrated system that helps our customers automate, streamline and increase the profitability of their production processes in line with Industry 4.0.


We continuously invest in development to offer our customers proprietary solutions that will give them a competitive advantage. Our approach is simple: we do not sell at any price. We engage only in those projects that will bring real benefits to our clients. We are flexible, available and ready to help at any time, providing technical and technological support at the highest level.

about the brand

In the era of Industry 4.0, diverse industries are facing challenges that require innovative approaches to manufacturing. As a leading provider of industrial solutions, Allcomp plays a key role in this transformation, regardless of the sector. Specializing in the development of devices and technologies based on advanced algorithms, Allcomp is setting new standards in production automation and optimization for industries such as textiles, furniture, automotive, woodworking and many others


Prime technology, which addresses the needs of companies seeking to increase productivity, reduce production times and generate savings, is at the heart of Allcomp’s offerings. Today’s industries, faced with Industry 4.0, must adapt to new standards to remain competitive. Allcomp, understanding these challenges, provides intelligent tools that enable companies to reach the full potential of the new manufacturing revolution.



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