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7 Your Cutting Room
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Optitex CutPlan and automatic nesting versus manual set-ups.

Many production companies are often preparing cutting layouts with traditional methods – by drawing templates on paper, or directly onto the first layer of the material. It is not only a very tedious, labour-intensive, and time-consuming process but also often it allows such mistakes as omitting some elements or using too much material.

It generates other problems, such as cutting the missing elements or problems with billing of, for example, material given by the client (in case of contract companies).An alternative for this method is using Optitex CutPlan app, which combined with other Optitex module – Mark and Nest, ensures integration of planning system for every step of the production in the cutting room. The aforementioned modules allow for order’s preparation to production and cutting in a very short time while optimising the use of material and work time in the cutting room at the same time. Optitex CutPlan and the automatic systems created by the Nest modules mean reduction of used materials and saving on average from 2% to 5% of the material. Using this solution guarantees accurate planning while excluding human mistakes, shortens the order’s planning time and, what follows, the time of delivery to the final receiver. Additionally, using the Optitex Roll Manager app guarantees control over fabric storage. On every step of work with Optitex CutPlan the obtained data may be exported to an Excel file and then printed, which gives the ability to create full technical and technological documentation.


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The aspect of preparing material for cutting in companies producing upholstered furniture is often unappreciated. While in fact, optimising this step of the process could have a significant impact on increasing the performance.

„Element nesting and preparation of cutting material are processes in which there is plenty of room for savings. Mainly, as our clients notice, in speed of spreading and in improving operator’s work. Which is why we are constantly improving our new product on the market – aero spreading machine, which is supposed to work faster and more dynamically than other devices of this kind.„

– adds Grzegorz Żupa, expert and consultant in Allcomp Poland Company.

That is why Allcomp company’s attention is focused not only on the process of cutting but also on the process of preparing the layout or material for cutting. Optimisation of whole production line’s work and synchronising their operating within the cutting room. Every production plant, and cutting rooms in them, need to be seen as a working system. the final effect depends on the integrity and synchronisation of its work.

Aero spreading machine was designed so that it would be able to endure heavy loads. Currently, a version that allows for laying rolls weighting up to even 200 kg is available and it allows for fabric lays of up to 30cm. The most interesting idea is the „intelligence” of the machine, and by that I mean its software. It is assumed to eliminate every redundant actions of the operator and reach to maintain smoothness of their operation. It means elimination of unnecessary clicking, moves, and stops needed to perform additional actions. For example, it is equipped with a feature rarely seen in other devices of this kind, such as automatic knife sharpening. The function of cutting layout preview has to be recognised as well as it allows for a much faster creation of overlaps in case the operator notices any fabric defects. The machine can also “remember” once introduced parameters and allows for the creation of databases and libraries of spreading parameters for chosen materials and layouts. Allcomp Poland’s R&D can be reached during the industry fairs or directly, by contacting the manufacturer.

Lagowarka unicut aero

We reveal the secret of Cutting Room 4.0!

A constant increase of productivity while lowering the production costs at the same time is one of the key needs reported by the textile manufacturers. At the same time, it is one of the basic challenges that Allcomp Poland is facing. How to gradually increase productivity and speed while maintaining cutting quality and repetitiveness of elements from various layers in case of multi-layer cutting of textile material? Automatic cutting production line UNICUT one.5 and aero spreading machine has already started the realization of the concept of future cutting rooms. We encourage to follow our work!

A new, HUGE option!

High Ovata Cut – it is an option for those manufacturers who use ovata and foam in their production. Cutting high workloads of those materials is often problematic.

It happens that the material is expanding during the cutting process which affects the quality of products.

New option – Ovata Cut – allows for cutting for up to 40cm (before compression) ovata workloads on UNICUT cutters while maintaining high quality of cutting in each layer. We encourage to check out all available options in Allcomp Poland office in Katowice.

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