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What our clients say about us?

Corin – we construct a PERFECT BRA for „demanding" breasts.

On the role of technology in lingerie production process and about the plans for the future. An interview with the owner of CORIN, Mr. Mariusz Hanczka by Przemysław Grygiel.

„The solutions delivered by Allcomp company are greatly improving our production processes. We can honestly recommend this company as a reliable partner, who can is always up to the task.”

Mariusz Hanczka, Owner of Corin

Corin - producent bielizny, który do konstrukcji swoich modeli biustonoszy używa oprogramowania OPTITEX, dystrybuowanego przez firmę Allcomp

Przemysław Grygiel: What does CORIN company do exactly?

Mariusz Hanczka: Corin has been producing lingerie for 20 years. It specializes in production of bras for demanding breasts – mainly larger ones that need proper support. Our company began to produce luxury models in cooperation with French technologists, constructors, and designers.

This lingerie revolution lead the company towards distant export markets from various corners of the world. Today, Corin bras are worn by women from all over the world. For their own safety and comfort, we conduced a unique research which resulted in creating the „perfect bra”. Even a documentary on this research was created by Discovery Channel and broadcast in over 200 countries. Thanks to the knowledge of a team of doctors from Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital – Research Institute and engineers from Łódź University of technology, as well as their experience and time-consuming simulations, we were able to construct a bra that perfectly supporta breasts of every size. Bra-fitting is key here, because badly chosen lingerie results in circulatory disorders that manifest themselves as differences in skin temperature. Additionally, a badly chosen bra pressures the spine and results in a faulty posture, weakens chest muscles, and is generally unsafe.

PG: How are new technologies helping you in realization of your plans?

MH: Taking into account individual needs of every client, as well as striving to achieve perfection of workmanship, are the main rules that Corin uses during its production. In order to achieve that, innovative technologies are necessary. That is why we needed new solutions for our construction and cutting departments. As far as we can remember, we were one of the first companies to trust a Polish supplier. And we don’t regret it! We are satisfied with solutions delivered by Allcomp Poland.

They allowed us to reach a higher level of production, to prepare production in a way that was impossible before. We can afford to change every characteristic of our lingerie in the Optitex system, and to make lingerie elements by cutting formats quickly and effectively. Modern technological solutions are simply indispensable if we want to follow the newest trends and supply our clients with a product that meets their requirements. Just as we are striving to always be there for our clients, we feel that Allcomp is there for us and supports us in our work. From the moment of installation and introduction, through all these years, the Support Department has responded to every our call, and the technicians find proper solutions without any problems. The solutions delivered by Allcomp company are greatly improving our production processes . We can honestly recommend this company as a reliable partner, who can is always up to the task.

PG: What are your plans for the future?

MH: We have lots of plans for the future. New ideas are coming up and new development paths are being created. For Corin, it is a time of summaries and setting up new directions. And while we are doing that, we are by no means slowing down. In the field of manufacturing the perfect bras, new constructions and forms have appeared. We are facing the question: “What is lingerie in the next decade or two going to look like?”. Corin has an idea – soon, we won’t hesitate to show it off.

PG: Thank you for conversation.



Owner of Corin company

Badania naukowe firmy Corin, których celem było stworzenie idealnego biustonosza. Bielizna stworzona przy pomocy światowej klasy oprogramowania - OPTITEX
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