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MR SISTEMAS is a Portuguese company with over 15 years of experience in the field of automatic cutting machines.

For a long time we have been offering our clients maintenance services of cutters from every manufacturer. While developing our company and seeking solutions for more and more demanding clients, we decided to become a Portuguese representative of cutting room equipment manufacturer. Two years ago, we decided to broaden our offer with cutting machines.

After a period of time, many business talks, and in the en contacting a befriended company from Brazil – Hiperion, who is a distributor of UNICUT in Brazil, we decided to begin cooperation with Allcomp Poland. A few weeks later, we arrived to Poland, to the office of UNICUT solutions manufacturer. This meeting convinced us on which supplier to choose and we decided to go with this brand. The company has thrilled us with its openness to our ideas, entrepreneurship and dynamic approach towards change. What is most important – machines produced by Allcomp reached our expectations of efficiency, functionality, flexibility, and design.

After travelling back to Portugal, we immediately started promoting the brand among our clients. After a few months, we managed to equip the cutting room of a big facility that produces clothing. And now, after such a short period of time, we have more inquiries from other companies.After a short, but intensive, partnership relation with Allcomp, we are completely convinced that we made the right choice. Proper functioning of UNICUT machines only proves their reliability. Our technicians are very satisfied with UNICUT technology. And, what is most important, our clients are satisfied with their purchase and its effects on their production. Their newly-optimised production has grown and the quality of cut-outs stands on a very high level.

We are thankful to Allcomp for the perfectly developed technology and their support. We are glad that we share the same values. Our approach to the market assumes that we need to know the client’s needs and always find the right solution. The solution of the client’s problems is UNICUT technology.

mr_sistemas_photoWe foresee a fantastic future with our technological partner – Allcomp Poland.

Bárbara and Gilberto Oliveira

PORTO, Portugalia


Maquitex is an event, which became very important not only in calendars of Portuguese production companies.
The direction towards which the fairs are being developed shows that they have the potential to become the most important industry event on Iberian peninsula. Highly specialized, presenting newest achievements event targeted at specialists working in textile and fashion and apparel industries. On the last, 16th edition, Allcomp Polska solutions were presented by Portuguese Partner, MR SISTEMAS company.

Dhaka Int.Textile & Garment – Bangladesh
During the four-day event Dhaka Int.Textile & Garment Machinery Exhibition, over 1,000 leading brands from 33 countries and regions, covering 1,160 Booths, attracted 38,192 international and regional trade visitors, and has topped all previous records. With 13 years development, DTG has become the best B2B platform and increasingly significant textile and garment event in Bangladesh, with its scale setting new records year by year. Now, the scale of DTG is 7 times larger than the first edition. Allcomp was presented on the fair by Tetra Technology Ltd. Company from Bangladesh.

TexTech are a gate to textile productions sector of whole southern and east-southern Asia.
As much as 70% of Sri Lankas export comes from exporting garments. Value of that export has reached 5 milion dollars in 2014. Region of Southern and East-Southern Asia is apparently the biggest market, where industrialization is reaching its highest state. Thanks to Allcomp Partner – L D M Technologies Polish solutions were presented on that important market.

Rigo Group company, a distributor of UNICUT in Balkan countries and in Bulgaria, will open an information point on Unicut machines during the Technomebel expo in April. During the 15th edition of Material, Machinery, and Equipment Fair (regarding furniture production), every information on purchasing and after-sale operating of UNICUT machines in Bulgaria will be available. The information point will also provide with videos depicting how the newest one.5 cutter line works.

Fairs in Istanbul are a unique place, which allows apparel and fashion producers not only to stay in touch with Turkish market, but practically with whole region of Euro-Asia. 2016 Edition hosted around 40.00 visitors, and among them professionals, management, producers. Fairs are the answer to the changing and demanding market and give an opportunity to get familiar with the up-to-date technologies and solutions. Newest Allcomp solutions, such as cutter Unicut one.5, where presented by a Turkish Partner – Eksmen company.

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