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Allcomp: The Company created by the best people

person_2Adam Maruszczyk
Production foreman

I started working for Allcomp in 2008. When I started working here I was assembling cutters and other machines. I was also working with the components. I am a certified car mechanic. In the meantime, I managed to graduate with a BA in marketing and administration in Częstochowa Technical University.

We speed up production and enhance quality.

The company produces really interesting machines. Working in Allcomp was very interesting since the start. Apart from integrating new production and montage my responsibilities currently include making sure that the machine’s assembly is done according to the regulations that guarantee high quality and efficiency. Also, a part of my responsibilities is to ensure effective communication between production and the construction department. Producing such advanced machinery is a constant challenge. Without working with people, communication, friendly atmosphere, and the exchange of knowledge and experience, taking care of quality (and of proper and timely assemby) we would not be able to make it.

What is really important is the fact that we are changing the organisation of production, and thus we are adapting to the needs of the market. We are doing are best to speed up the production while enhancing quality at the same time. We are constantly improving so that the client would be more satisfied with the technically-excellent, high-quality machines delivered as soon as possible.

dariusz_tarlinskiDariusz Tański
Client Technical Service Specialist

I work for Allcomp since 2013. I have graduated from Silesian Technical Science Institute High School, and later, from Silesia Technical University, Faculty of Administration and Production Engineering, in the field of Informative Systems in Industrial Technologies. I am responsible for keeping the client’s machinery in motion.

You need to enter into the role of a Client and understand them.

When I started in Allcomp, the most attractive thing for me was the fact that it was something completely new for me. Never before had I seen a company manufacturing such interesting products. I had no idea then how unique it will turn out to be. As you work, you acquire new skills and the job itself assures that new opportunities arise, teaches organisation and allows to plan your own time. Internal interpresonal relations in the company are also important. We are well working together. Our supervisors motivate us to develop ourselves, especially our technical and soft skills. After all, the contact with the client is very important.

In our work, being able to approach people is a vital skill. Sometimes the clients are kind but sometimes they are difficult. Most often, however, I experience their gratitude. They are glad that we restored the machine’s functionality. You need to talk to your clients and understand them. The client, on the other hand, should understand that we are there to help them as soon as possible, because we know that time is a crucial factor for them. We have one common goal which is efficient and defect-free machine operation. Not only as repairmen but as a whole company, we need to have to be aware of that while looking to other people’s needs.

cwiklakDariusz Ćwiklak
Chief Constructor

I graduated from the Faculty of Material Engineering, Metallurgy, Transport and Administration of Silesian Technical University. I’ve been working for the University for many years now and I am its doctoral student. I’m a graduate of post-graduate studies on “Administrating an Organisation” on Silesia Technical University.

Durability and flexibility.

I have worked for Allcomp since 2010 and I have experienced the company’s dynamic development. During that time we introduced many new models of machines that are available in various configurations. Our success is based on the dedicated work of all employees, including among all, our Research and Development Department, in which I am the chief constructor. We design machines and handle them during prototype testing phase. It often happens that the clients reaching to us have needs that are not yet available in our offer. It is our job to ensure that they get a dedicated solution and then we enrichen our offer with a new product.

Working in our department means not only creating new, functional, and safe solutions, but also upgrading the products from our standard offer. Our machines are getting better every day. Setting up a dedicated solution for the client is a success of all of employees of Allcomp Poland. Everybody has his or her share in the process of production of our devices and we can all be proud of the fact that the products that we are creating travel to very distant parts of the world. Not to mention the satisfaction when the client comes back for more solutions.

justyna_kwiatekJustyna Kwiatek
Logistics Specialist

I have worked in Allcomp Poland since the beginning of 2015. I graduated from Silesian Technical University, the Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering, with a degree in Energetics. In Allcomp, like in my previous job, I’m responsible for logistics.

All of our processes are set well.

I work in the logistics department and I’m responsible for supplies. What convinced me to work for Allcomp? The people. From the very beginning I felt welcomed here, and my then-new colleagues provided with help, support, and mobilization to work and develop. Working in logistics means combining technical knowledge with contact with the clients. And that is what makes this job the most attractive for me. The purchasing process influences the end cost of the machine, which directly influences the end price for the client.One of the biggest challenges come from difficulties in supplying proper materials on time. However, even in the toughest situations,

it is often the case that we manage to plan our work well while reorganizing the production in such a way that we are able to prepare the machine timely. The best about this is that people, no matter their occupation, are really engaged in their work. They want to take part in creation, to have an impact on the final outcome.I think that we have our logistics processes well-set. The company is really developing, which has a positive impact on the whole organisation of our production, including purchases. And, thanks to the fact that there are so many changes, I am able to constantly improve my skills.

We are living the change!

It is already a couple of years since the company started working outside the borders of Poland. What is the situation on foreign markets?

AZ We are constantly developing our international trade. Many foreign markets seem to be keen on our products. The export is gradually growing; it is, however, a lengthy process, and apparently more complicated than we imagined at first. Nevertheless, the development of international trade is very important regarding both micro- and macroeconomics of our company. This way we are able to promote Poland and Polish engineering solutions all over the world; Because if it’s not us, then who? Every single success in this field makes us happy. In 2015 we have acquired 2 new important partners: companies based in Portugal and South Korea.

The company received two important business awards this year – Forbes Diamonds and Business Gazelles. What is the recipe for success in your opinion?

AZ In spite of the fact that we did not send any applications, those awards were a big surprise for us. What is our recipe for success? It’s consistent, hard work, approaching our clients properly, and being open to suggestions and remarks, as well as actual understanding the needs of our clients.

What is your personal motto in business?

AZ Short and concise: the client is the most important part of business. Working on the rules of partnership with the client guarantees development and success of our company. Thanks to our clients, Allcomp Poland company is able to grow, and we are extremely thankful for that.

Thank you for conversation.

Andrzej Zając,
CEO of Allcomp Poland

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