2022 No4

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Development, Innovations, Savings

This issue's topic: What our clients say about us?

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We are living the change!

An interview with the CEO of Allcomp Poland, Mr. Andrzej Zając, on changes and the direction of development.

When it comes to development, where is Allcomp Poland company currently?

Andrzej Zając: In an interesting place. We are constantly developing, there is great interest in our offer on the market. Year-by-year, we are achieving higher turnovers, installing more and production lines. Our clients have noticed both our company and solutions. They agree that these solutions are trustworthy and contribute to the development of their businesses. Our clients’ trust stimulates us to further work and pushes us forward.

In response to difficult topics appearing in our clients’ production processes, we are constantly undertaking new construction and technology challenges in order to deliver new solutions. Depending on our clients’ needs and new resources appearing on the market, we are in a dynamic phase of development – we are currently working on cutting technologies that were, so far, unavailable.

What was the biggest challenge that the company had to face in 2015?

AZ Introducing new products to the market. For us, the year 2015 was a very busy year. We have introduced to the market new machines of our production: cutter one.5 and aero spreading machine. The clients really liked our new fabric-cutting solutions. We are currently in a very dynamic phase of the development of our new products.

Another important challenge that we faced was the restructuration of a relatively small company into a larger one; one that delivers high-quality, valuable solutions.

Is that a difficult process?

AZ Yes, it is. It involved a complete reconstruction of the organization system of the company, while parallelly overseeing development of new products, employing more people, and seeing how different world-views clash during the process. Improving productivity was one of our most important aims. We are constantly working on being able to produce our machines faster and reducing delivery time. We are introducing production-optimising systems, such as Lean Manufacturing. We are in a phase of a rapid transformation as a company, and we are planning on finishing most of the changes in our company’s organization system by the end of this year. It is a very momentous process and a very important time for company’s development.

Are those internal transformations going to result in being able to offer your clients more?

AZ Of course they are. Above all, they will allow us to achieve shorter production deadlines on both Polish and European market, where our clients’ needs grow every year. We will be able to serve our partners even more efficiently in every aspect of our services, including installation, implementation, and both technological and technical support.

Many of our clients emphasize that they noticed what a company have we become over the course of the last couple of years and they appreciate our development. We work hard so that those changes are seen as positive in every aspect of our company.

How many production lines of UNICUT brand are there on Polish market?

AZ It is almost 200 production lines just in Poland. We are happy to see our clients coming back to us after many years and buying more solutions from. It is often the case that they order a couple of such production lines and equip many facilities. The largest groups to which we provide our services own 5 – 7 installations.

It is already a couple of years since the company started working outside the borders of Poland. What is the situation on foreign markets?

AZ We are constantly developing our international trade. Many foreign markets seem to be keen on our products. The export is gradually growing; it is, however, a lengthy process, and apparently more complicated than we imagined at first. Nevertheless, the development of international trade is very important regarding both micro- and macroeconomics of our company. This way we are able to promote Poland and Polish engineering solutions all over the world; Because if it’s not us, then who? Every single success in this field makes us happy. In 2015 we have acquired 2 new important partners: companies based in Portugal and South Korea.

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Corin – we construct a PERFECT BRA for „demanding" breasts.

„Taking into account individual needs of every client, as well as striving to achieve perfection of workmanship, are the main rules that Corin uses during its production. In order to achieve that, innovative technologies are necessary. That is why we needed new solutions for our construction and cutting departments. As far as we can remember, we were one of the first companies to trust a Polish supplier. And we don’t regret it!“

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