Aiming at automation and optimization of furniture factory production we can save more time and lower the costs.
The production can become faster, among others thanks to use of the technological solutions already available in the market and provided by Allcomp Polska.

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  • We have a very modern cutting facility where the whole production line was assembled by the Allcomp Polska company. I can recommend this company. It helped us a lot in cost optimization, when large savings can be made in differences in material cutout, through its optimization

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  • It seems that we have changed everything. Thanks to use of new UNICUT technologies and computerization, that makes work of the employees easier, we efficiently lowered the manufacture costs, minimized the losses of raw material and optimized all processes.

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  • We acquainted ourselves with the offer submitted by Allcomp Polska. It turned out that the machines perfectly fitted our expectations and needs of our works.

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