We emphasize the securing of safety and continuity of production of our Customers. Production breakdowns of our Customers are mutual losses. We are ready to react swiftly and effectively. We have a stock of spare parts and a team of people devoted to support and help. We reach our Customers by phone, e-mail, remotely and in person, always aiming to provide effective aid. But our main principle in the field of technical support is the preventive action. We conduct regular inspections of devices and enforce their proper maintenance. We train the workers of our Customers in technical maintenance procedures which in turn results in fast problem diagnostics in the device and prevention of breakdowns or their fast repair. Together with Customer’s employees we care for the continuity of operation of the installed devices. We bet on partnership.

Depending on yor wishes and needs we offer

Remote support

by our Internet consultants using the TeamViewer application. In order to connect with member of our service team download the application using the link below.
teamviewer DOWNLOAD.

Customer visits

nationwide and abroad

To restore a full funcionality of your device we request


tel: +48 728 858 601


e-mail: support@allcomp.pl


Over ten years of experiences with introducing our products allowed us to develop an effective and efficient introduction system. Our trainings aim at solving the problems of our Customers and facilitation of production processes. The training program is adjusted to the specifics of our Customer’s product, which gives efficient and fast results. What is important for us is that our Customer does not fear our products and understands their operating principle. This makes us know that the operators become our cooperation  partners, and we can mutually exchange experiences. Training stage is just the beginning of our cooperation, we are at Customer’s disposal, supporting the Customers as our successful installations are the result of constant learning and search for solutions together with our Customers.

Installation training

At the purchase of our solutions we guarantee worker training in the field of device operation. The scope, duration and cycle of trainings depends on configuration of the device.

Additional training

We offer training on individual order of Customers. We offer product training in the field of technical and technological servicing.

Why is it worth to participate in our trainings

  • To fully use the purchased equipment and software
  • For the investment to bring maximum profits
  • To use the potential of workers
  • For the workers to become supporters of new technologies

Areas we can help you with

  • Use of Optitex software
  • Using cutters and spreaders
  • Using plotters and digitizers

Investment financing

The years 2014 – 2020 offer the last chance to use EU funding, and in order to help our customers do so we offer complex servicing for applications and submission of projects. We cooperate with institutions and observe the market, in order to offer You region and company profile tailored funding solutions. The EU programs give numerous financing opportunities for purchases, and that is why we would like to offer You the best possible solution.

Credits / Leasing options

We offer you detailed information regarding purchase financing options.

EU funds

We advise and deliver information on how to use EU funding.


We also offer different financing options for your company.

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