“The UNICUT solutions revolutionized production, increased the pace and added dynamics to work in the cutting room.”

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From the very beginnings, when the first bras were sown by Mrs. CEO by hand, up to current date, when Mrs. Kinga still accepts every model leaving our works the Kinga company delivered products of highest quality. The brand that enjoys recognition not only in Poland constantly broadens the spectrum of its product. The lingerie signed with KINGA logo is exclusively designed and manufactured in Poland, which undoubtedly forms it’s another advantage.

I can recommend the purchase of cutter and sizing machine to every company with its own production facilities. It simply speeds up the production, making it easier!

Ala Antonowicz, Operator maszyny Unicut 3C50 w firmie Kinga

What can durable, massive machinery have in common with aesthetics and fragile nature of woman lingerie? How can the implementation of the former ones influence the cost effectiveness of production process for the latter ones? The Kinga company, large and renown manufacturer of woman’s lingerie from Białystok  had the chance to learn the difference, after expanding their machinery by the technologically advanced UNICUT textile spreading and cutting machines.

The Kinga company exists for more than 20 years now, currently employing 140 persons, and its fresh business approach is visible in their subsequent new collections put on the market. The range of products includes, but is not limited to, bras, woman’s pants, corsets and shirts. The materials used for production are expensive and the patterns unique. The raw materials include delicate knitted fabrics, satins and jacquard loom. As Mrs. Kinga Lesisz, the CEO and owner of the company mentions, it is mostly the high cost of raw materials that made the company consider the investment in new technologies. “The textiles that we use are expensive and every meter of savings means measurable lowering of costs” – as Mrs. Kinga says. Additionally the market is largely interested in new product collections and the company was faced with growing number of orders. “For years now we wanted to have a modern production line. We considered what to buy, where to buy and whom we wanted to buy from” – adds Mrs. CEO and as she says, when choosing – “The biggest advantage was the service, availability and fast reaction to malfunctions – this is very important for us. Among many offers from the whole world the offer of the Polish Allcomp company won”. A nice incident took place at the very beginning of our cooperation. The owner tells about the beginnings of the cooperation – “As I am also concerned with the design process in our company, and I like to have things perfectly fitting its place in our company, I asked the Allcomp company to change the color of the machine from gray to beige in order for it to fit our interior design. The Allcomp company followed my wish. My cutting room is in beige-bronze color, and that’s why my machine is in non-standard, world’s unique color”. Today, speaking from the perspective of time Mrs. CEO observes – “The UNICUT solutions revolutionized the production, increased its speed and gave dynamics to the cutting room operations. The machine for automatic textile cutting allows us to achieve perfect symmetry and precision of cut elements, which largely increased the efficiency of sewing shop. The purchase also allowed us to take more orders and increase the volume of production, thus opening the possibilities for further development and winning new markets. What is very important for us is also the post-sale service support from Allcomp Polska. The company supported us during startup and constantly monitors its effects. We do feel that if required, they are always ready to help us. I am very happy that a Polish company manufactures such an interesting technology”.

The fact that we have a new technological line in the cutting shop largely reduced the demand for materials. I do believe that today neither I nor my friends from the line can imagine production without this equipment. What is amazing is how this machinery sped up the production.

Aneta Tomczak, underwear technologist at Kinga company

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