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Optitex – Markers

The program works in Windows software environment and is made to work with almost every type of peripherals. What it means in practice, is that can cooperate both with the vast majority of input devices – digitizers, and the majority of printers or plotters. Still – due to the specifics of the software – we recommend the use of clothing industry plotters with wide field of operation and fast printing speeds.

The program consists of the following parts:

  • PDS – which consists of DIGITIZE for digitizations, PDS for pattern making and GRADE for grading.
  • MARK – markeres making.


An extremely important feature of the system is its modular build. It means that each of the module described below can be independently installed at any time – thus you can expand the system you currently use, or reconfigure it.

MARK – basic module for creation of cmarkers, that allows for any combination of models, sizes, widths and types of textiles with the simultaneous achievement of the maximum efficiency of template distribution.

As a standard the module allows for:

  • creation of markers
  • creation of blocs around element of group of elements for further processing, e.g. on lining machine
  • creation of markers on patterned textiles with the simultaneous adjustment of elements to pattern report
  • marking the shifting spots to minimize the losses resulting from defects of the fabric
  • dividing large elements to improve layout efficiency – the program automatically adds surpluses of seams, choosing the optimal corners
  • printout of 1:1 scale layouts on a full scale plotter or in any scale desired on any output device – e.g. a printer
  • automatic division of cutting layout for prints on plotters that are narrower than the width of the textile – the program is designed to work with majority of peripheral devices, which makes it print any desired cutting layout both with use of a 180 and 90 cm wide plotter
  • cooperation with cutter- automatic system for textile and knitted fabric cutting with the possibility of defining the directions of cutting lines, the sequence of elements cut, defining the lines common for elements placed “touching eachother”.



NEST ++ – a module integrated with MARK environment that allows for creation of fully automatic markers for any desired combination of models, sizes or textiles. The use of this software results in significant savings on efficiency of cutting layouts and largely increases the working speed of cutting shop.

During laying out the program controls both the numbers of elements and also all of their parameters: possibility of rotation, deviations from straight threads, buffer sizes, etc.

What is very important for this module is also the possibility of defining the queue for automatic layout for non-production time – so that the cutting layouts can be created and printed during breaks between shifts and at night.

NEST ++ 2 and NEST PRO– the next, largely perfected versions of the NEST++ module for automatic creation of markers. They do not differ, visually, from the previous version – still the algorithms applied allow for achievement of even better results of automated layout in a significantly shorter time. These modules are ideal for those manufacturers who have the priority of efficient textile use and short layout preparation time.

MATCH++ – a module integrated with MARK environment that allows for automatic creation of markers for any desired combination of models, sizes or textiles – for patterned textiles. It allows for independent – that is without interference of operator – layout of elements for cutting that keeps all the desired parameters, adjusting it to the fabric sheet at the same time.

Production planning

Optitex CutPlan is an additional module and requires the Mark module for operations. The solutions of CutPlan, connected with Mark and Nest++2 or Nest++PRO guarantee the integration of planning system at every stage of production process and allows preparation of order for cutting in a very short period of time with the simultaneous optimization of material use and time required for cutting.

Optitex CutPlan  secures optimization of cutting room operations. CutPlan means better efficiency and lower use of material with the simultaneous time savings. With Optitex CutPlan we can easily and precisely plan and cut layouts even for the biggest and most complex production orders, independent from the type of models, textiles or combinations of sizes and colors.

The Optitex CutPlan software facilitates the work during creation of cutting layouts and guarantees immediate effect with preview of the created markers. The numbers in the respective order for set size and color can be manually entered or automatically calculated. The software automatically groups sizes on a respective marker and calculates the number of layers for each color. Optitex CutPlan can work independently, but using Nest++2 or Nest++PRO it will create markers that will additionally be optimized for efficiency.

Data from CutPlan files can be exported to Excel spreadsheets and then printed which gives the possibility of creation of full technical-technological documentation.

The final effect of Optitex CutPlan will be displayed in a single window which secures a consolidated data presentation for the order, together with the marker requirements and graphic preview of the executed markers.

The additional Roll Management option, together with Optitex CutPlan allows for integration of textile warehouse with orders. It allows for automatic assignment of width of the respective rolls of textiles to the executed markers with the simultaneous storing of information regarding the remaining stock of the material, eliminating losses of material and the risk connected with storing unused lengths of material.

Cooperation with other systems

The Import module allows for import of template or cutting layout files used by other CAD/CAM programs, including files with the following extensions: DXF, AAMA, ASTM, NC, HP-GL, MicroJet.

The converters are separate applications that allow for conversion of files from different systems, that is Lectra, Gerber, Investronica to the Optitex system files



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