10 September 2018 PRIME.5. Productivity. Intuitiveness. Precision.

It may seem that one year is a very short time. Let’s ask ourselves what can be changed during that period of time? How much can technology advance? What new solutions can appear in your cutting room. The answer is „a lot!”.


The sold production of furniture in 2018 in Poland may rise even up to 10% compared to the previous year which amounts to 50 billion zloty. The export itself can exceed 10 billion Euro – estimated Michał Strzelecki, Director of Nationwide Economic Board of Furniture Producers at the beginning of this year.

But how to meet Clients’ growing expectations and cope with pressure of expenses and technology that arises because of changes in environmental laws as well as deteriorating macroeconomical situation among the biggest buyers of furniture industry. Not to mention limited workforce and high quality and efficiency standards.

Furniture producers in talks with us are in agreement that their biggest needs are: short time of order servicing, quality of cutting, optimal utilization of materials, cost minimalization and optimization of processes and expenses at the every production stage. How to achieve that?


When one year ago we presented to the world our newest child – multi-layer cutter for textile cutting, Unicut Prime.5 we wanted it to be a technologically advanced as well as user friendly solution. We admit that we didn’t manage to avoid some problems of infancy. But from this one year perspective we can proudly say that thanks to a very close cooperation with our clients Prime.5 learn and evolved rapidly. We were learning together.

Thanks to the Clients who conducted testing in their production environment that when compared with other solutions Prime.5’s efficiency is unparalleled. It’s cutting speed has been noted several times.

Versatility an universality of this device allows for production optimisation of any kind of facility utilising various textile materials.

Designing this machine we tried to find balance between advanced technology and user friendliness. Easiness of operation and intuitiveness is Prime.5’s true asset.

Precision and accuracy of cutting guaranteed by Prime.5 is confirmed by our Clients. And this is just the beginning of its development…

Celebrate with us Prime.5’s first birthday!

See how Unicut technology allows for more efficient work in the cutting room and stepping into a new phase of development for your company. We will be showing incredible skills of the upholstery textile cutter daily at 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00. We will show all its assets.

And since the real birthday party cannot do without a cake and glass of champagne we will celebrate it with you every trade fair day at 13:00.

To obtain free admission pass please contact us at: targi@allcomp.pl, tel.: +48 882 035 915
or simply visit our stand at Sofab/Furnica in pavilion 8, stand 2 between 11th and 14th of September 2018

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