08 June 2017 Attendance record at Texprocess and Interzum 2017 trade fairs. Allcomp summary.

This year’s events in Germany – Texproceess in Frankfurt and interzum in Colgne exceeded expectations of both organizers and exhibitors. The attendance and number of attractions show the constant development of furniture and textile industry.

Organizers of both fairs report that these were the biggest events they have managed to create so far. Over 47 000 visitors and 14% increase at Texprocess compared with previous fairs in 2015. Over 69 000 visitors at interzum and 19% increase compared to last edition. But first things first.

Texprocess 2017


Texprocess – textile industry producers trade fairs this year has attracted 1 798 exhibitors from 114 countries. During 4 days of fairs everybody had an opportunity to discover the most innovative technical textile products and the newest solutions used to process them. After visiting many interesting stand one thing clearly stood out – Industry 4.0, functional textiles and intelligent solutions are no longer only vague future trend. Organizers together with producers, exhibitors and visitors forecast that textile industry is developing resiliently and dynamically and the future is bright. Clothing production and textile industry show a high dynamics of development.

As much as 33% of attendees visiting accompanying events like conferences and industry meetings indicate that economical condition of the industry is good.

Another edition of trade fairs is scheduled for 14-17.05.2019.

Allcomp Polska company during this year’s fairs in Frankfurt presented theirs latest solution for textile industry – cutter one.5 | Prime. Daily presentations that showed probably the fastest solution for textile cutting always attracted interested observers.

Interzum 2017


The event in Cologne dedicated to all issues concerning furniture its production and interiors gathered 1 732 exhibitors from 152 countries. The leading motif was innovation in furniture production, construction and interior design. Visitors attention was attracted by materials, technologies, and sometimes astonishing approach to design. Large number of accompanying events focused on such global trends as balanced development, digitalization and mobility. Interzum trade fairs being the biggest event of this kind in the world gathered at one place and one time leading representatives of technology, suppliers and producers from the industry. It is a clear signal that these industries not only develop dynamically but also pursue trends. It is also noticeable that suppliers and producers implement innovations and keep pace with the current world’s issues.

Next edition of trade fairs will take place on

Unicut solutions presented by Allcomp Polska again earned the warm welcome. Cutter one.5 | Prime has proved to be a great treat for the upholstered furniture producers visiting the fairs. They appreciated usability of automatic spreading machine – Unicut aero. However, everybody was mostly impressed by the incredible cutting speed during material shifting as well as a quality of elements cut on the one.5 | Prime cutter.

Work faster in the cutting room

The premiere of the solution for textile industry may prove to be a breakthrough for your production. Trade fairs was a great opportunity to meet and discuss cutting room operation in your production environment. We believe we did our best and together we can find suitable solution for you. Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today. If you have troubles on your production, if market gives you challenges that are harder and harder, if you seek for solutions that are perfectly suited for you needs we are here for you. Contact us and arrange a meeting. We will try to find a way to speed up your business and simplify your and your team’s work.

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