14 January 2019 Interview with Andrzej Zajac, President of Allcomp Polska is already available in “Puls Biznesu”!

Interview with Andrzej Zając, President and owner of Allcomp Polska, which is the leader of cutting room technology on the Polish market is already available in ”Puls Biznesu”.

The leader of Polish market for CUTTING ROOM technology.

Allcomp Polska is the only Polish manufacturer of cutters which are machines designed for automatic, multilayer cutting of fabrics.

By providing tens of cutting room installations to domestic customers per year, Allcomp is the 1. player in Poland with an estimated market share at around 40%.

To conquer the world

At the very beginning, Allcomp co-operated mainly on cooperation with domestic furniture companies. Having said that, Allcomp is not limiting itself solely to the same anymore. Allcomp Polska’ solutions are in use in other industries such as fashion, apparel, underwear or automotive both in domestic and international space. That is why our automatic cutting rooms and other solutions could be found at suppliers and subcontractors for such global brands as IKEA, Opel, Renault, Mercedes and Porsche.

Read more about our clients and partners here.

Upward trends and maintaining market position

In the last 3 years company has increased its revenues on average by 25% a year. What are the company plans and its receipe for maintaining long-term growth?

This is what you can read in Puls Biznesu! (only Polish version available)!

Puls Biznesu wywiad z Allcomp przy kawie

Cutting room technology and solutions

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