07 September 2022 5 reasons, why it is worth to automate processes in a cutting room

Increased productivity is one of main advantages of process automation. This is because it simplifies repetitive tasks. Employees are able to perform more tasks in shorter time and with better quality.

1. Lower costs

Process of cutting room automation effects mostly in decreasing losses on raw materials. Smart optimization algorithm of cut files/markers/etc. gives 5-12% savings on fabrics and materials. Possibility of cutting higher, comparing to manual cutting, as well as faster, directly corresponds to shorter lead times on cutting rooms.

2. Higher efficiency

Properly selected machines can increases capacity and efficiency of production. Real life effects that we achieved are for example cutting time reduction by 60% -70%. Together with other changes and tweaks our customers achieve 100-300% increase in efficiency and savings up to  250k EUR in one year since the implementation of Prime technology.

3. High quality

Automation of cutting process guarantees high quality and repeatability. Device works in in accordance with saved parameters, selected for a given fabric or material, and together with high end motion system achieves accuracy of cutting even up to 0.1 mm. Digital templates and markers are not damaged, in comparison to hand cutting, so they retain the original dimensions for each cutting process.

4. Timeliness

Device is designed in a way to be able to work continuously. All data about working time, amount of cutting, downtimes, etc. are logged and can regularly, automatically reported to management. The ability to prepare cutting queue in advance for example for entire shift facilitates planning and ensures timely production of orders. The work on the cutting room is planned and predictable.

5. Safety

The challenge of modern companies is access to qualified workforce. One of the solutions to this situation freeing cutting room knowledge and experience  from employees and archiving it in the database. Selected, optimal parameters for the cutting of all fabrics and materials are stored in files for reuse. This solution increases safety and stability of production, as well as, ensures quality and repeatability.

Automation is an investment
Allcomp company, as a producer and creator of the Prime technology, emphasizes that the technological possibilities are as wide as they have been tested. “I believe that the number of solutions is unlimited. Careful observation and taking up challenges has repeatedly resulted in simple and effective technological solutions and changes in the cutting room processes ”, says Andrzej Zając, owner of Allcomp Polska. “The continuous development of the textile industry and changing market requirements results in increasing functionality of solutions created and produced. The solutions are proven. Effectiveness of implementations is based on experience from many years of cooperation with the market. Allcomp guarantees a return on investment. “

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