01 February 2017 2nd edition of 4 Design Days and Furnture Industry Forum in Katowice – Allcomp Polska as a Partner

Last year's first edition of 4 DESIGN DAYS was visited by almost 3500 business guests and almost 20 000 visitors. Organizers managed to attract 170 exhibitors and run 40 discussion panels. 4DD took place at the International Congress Center in Katowice (MCK) the place of a particularly interesting design that fits interestingly in a post industrial environment. The building itself won several architectural awards.
More about 4DD: www.4dd.pl

This year between 16-19.02.2017, 4DD event will also take place in Katowice and MCK will yet again become a venue of meetings for those interested in architecture, design ad furniture. One of the main attractions of the event will be Furniture Industry Forum – 16.02.2017. The forum is a place of meeting of professionals as well as a discussion panel held among producers, designers, technology suppliers and potential buyers. Discussion panels range from various thematic fields, the condition and trends of the industry, technology novelties etc. Some of the topics that will be discussed include:  “The Polish industry is arming – uholstery furniture production” , „Polish furniture brand in a global economy” , “No inferiority complex, how Polish furniture producers conquer the world. Examples of spectacular successes”, or „New technologies in furniture production”.
Detailed Forum Agenda

The main event of the Forum will be a concluding of Prorduct 2017 competition. The final verdict will be determined by the voting performed by internauts and jury. There will be 16 winners and also two special awards are prepeared, “The Man of the year 2016” and “The company of the year 2016”. In the last year’s edition Mr Jan Szynaka, Szynaka Meble CEO became a “Man of the year” and the statue for “The Company of the year” went to Meble Wojcik Company.

Allcomp Polska will become an official partner of the Forum and the Competition for the third time. Supporting and participating in such events is a great pleasure for us as well as an opportunity to meet with you, talk and exchange opinions.
Last year’s Gala review: LINK

We are very glad that the next edition will take place in Katowice where our company has its headquarters. It is here where we create solutions that optimize and enhance work in your cutting rooms. Here we construct and produce Unicut cutters and spreaders which support your production processes and help you to facilitate your work and increase savings. Perhaps a visit in our company will be an additional reason for you to visit 4 Design Days. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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